Support Services

Contract Services

This is one of our special services for contract management processes related to different market fields including but not limited to: construction, operations and maintenance, telecommunications and electronics, port master planning, port management, and general contract work of miscellaneous fields.

Government Relations Services

All expatriates living in Saudi Arabia are faced with a certain amount of interaction with government agencies. SNS is highly qualified to assume the responsibility as government relations representative for clients.

Personnel Services

SNS undertakes the responsibility of coordinating the activities and preparations for new expatriate employees. This responsibility includes for work permits, coordinating their arrival and housing system.

Procurement Services

Most expatriates are familiar with the quality and prices of the services that can be procured locally. SNS have been active in the Saudi Arabian market for ten years and is in a position to share this experience with clients. Purchasing of household items and furniture, purchasing of industrial equipment, machinery and materials. Procurement of contractors’ services (civil, mechanical, electrical) and translation services.

Transportation Services

SNS can meet client’s requirements for long term and short term transportation needs. Leasing of vehicles inclusive of insurance and maintenance, purchasing of vehicles, chartering buses, schedule buses to transport employees between their accommodations and work, airline reservations and ticketing.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance Services

SNS clearly define all requirements of quality control and quality assurance for the procurement and execution of any project. The program is prepared to meet the basic requirements of any given project. SNS QC/QA personnel will monitor and verify its conformance through audits.

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